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For peptide desalting

For peptide fractionation

AttractSPE®Disks Tips C18 – Desalting

  • Microelution SPE Tips made with AttractSPE® Disks C18 sorbent: soft, thin and mechanically stable membrane, made of small sorbent particles tightly embedded, with reduced dead volume, small elution volume and high capacity
  • More than 97% proteins identified after desalting of HeLa digest on AttractSPE®Disks Tips C18 (200µL), with no loss of peptides
  • Good retention of peptides on the whole polarity range
  • Excellent repeatability (RSD < 3%)
  • Broad range of use: from single cell-like analysis (1ng) to high peptide amounts (> 10 µg)

BioSPE PepFrac – Fractionation

  • New reversed-phase resin based on Affinisep disks technology for peptide fractionation at high pH (orthogonal to RPLC peptide separation): reduction of sample complexity for deep proteome sequencing and quantitative analysis
  • Fractionation of 50µg peptides resulting from the tryptic digestion of proteins contained in HEK cells: 8 fractions with ACN gradient (2% to 50%) on BioSPETM PepFrac 200µL Tips
  • High number of proteins identified (increase of 20% compared to unfractionated samples)
  • Good distribution of peptides in all fractions and efficient fractionation with minimum fraction overlapping
  • Results similar to competitor fractionation kit but no storage constraints for BioSPETM PepFrac (store dry at room temperature) and evaporation time divided by two
  • Flexibility of format and capacity: BioSPETM PepFrac available as spin columns for high peptide amounts and as 96 wellplates for high throughput experiments

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